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Haunting Beauty of SilverPlume Cemetery

Silver Plume Cemetery, also known as Pine Grove Cemetery is located on the south side of I-70, (Silver Plume ghost town is on the opposite side of the interstate), above the Silver Plume Train Station. Take a dirt road called Paul Street to the left, behind the station. Climb this steep, narrow road about 1 1/2 miles until you come to the cemetery on your left. Make sure to park out of the way so as not to block this road.

SilverPlume Cemetery was first started in 1883. As it’s on a mountainside the cemetery spreads up the mountain. When the city of Silver Plume had a burial they had to have extra men to help carry the casket to the burial site.

Silver Plume city is called a “Living Ghost Town”, meaning that all or most of the original buildings are present and most are abandon. Living because there are still residents living and working there, but it is only a shadow if what it once was. The town in and of itself is an amazing place to visit. Many of the buildings are reported to be haunted. A great place to stay and possibly see something paranormal would be the Weathertop B & B.

The cemetery itself is broken up into sections including but not limited to the I.O.O.F., United Order of Redmen, Knights of Pythias, and a section for those not belonging to any particular group called the “Town Section”.

Don’t expect it to be easy to distinguish between the sections though. The graves are scattered and are not laid out in any particular pattern. As this is the case you need to be very careful not to get lost. It is very easy to get turned around and disoriented here. The grounds are overgrown and the tree’s make it hard to distinguish where you are and where you have been.

The paranormal claims include balls of light that bounce around from tree to tree. Children playing hide and seek behind trees and headstones. Giggles and whispers of children. The sound of a woman weeping. There have been a few claims of large animal looking ghosts that appear and then evaporate before your eyes. People also hear the sound of bells ringing, a violin playing, and the specter of nuns praying over graves.

Many children are buried here. There was a large epidemic in Silver Plume and many children succumbed to the illness. This would lead me to believe it is connected to the claims of children in the cemetery. Or perhaps these are children who lived in town and would come to the cemetery to play hide and seek?

There are also a good amount of Nuns buried side by side here. This I assume is the connection to the ghost of nuns seen praying by over graves.

The violin is a very old story passed down from old Silver Plume residents. The violin seems to be coming from the mountains and echoes through the valley. It is said to be the ghost of one of the men who discovered the Silver Plume mine. He lived on the side of the mountain and every night would come outside and play his violin. Many people still claim to hear it at dusk.

When we went to investigate we started during the day to get a feel for the area and try to learn how to get around without getting lost. (We, meaning my husband and I.) We took lots of pictures. The area was SO beautiful that I got lost in the awe of it and took picture after picture. I forgot about the paranormal for a good while until it started getting dark. At that point we set up our recorders, a couple cameras and armed ourselves with handheld camera’s as well. Throughout the night we talked to the “entities” and tried to communicate. Took more photo’s and used up many tapes.

Upon review of all the tapes we heard strange sounds, nothing we could or could not attribute to a natural source seeing as we were outdoors in the forest. The only thing we caught on camera was some “orbs” that were bugs and dirt.

Does this mean SilverPlume Cemetery in not haunted? No, not at all. All it means is that on that ONE night that it was investigated, we did not find any evidence. Paranormal activities don’t usually perform on command so finding anything is hit or miss.

If you are at all into the paranormal, or history this is a WONDERFUL place to visit. You will be blown away by the town itself, but the cemetery will put a spell on you and you will get lost in it’s wild, haunting beauty.

Mommy D

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  • cmroch

    A looooong time ago. Actually, when I was a kid we went up in that area all the time. But it's been years since I've been back. But your post makes it so tempting!

  • WeeklySpectre

    Thanks so much! Have you ever been to Silver Plume, near Georgetown? Very cool place for a history junky ;)

    Mommy D

  • WeeklySpectre

    You are to fun. I'm glad you enjoyed the pics, I hope once your actually read the post it was just as enjoyable! LOL

    Mommy D

  • http://www.heartcenteredpsychic.com Brenda

    Mommy D,

    Another 'hauntingly beautiful cemetery. One need look no further than the picture of the gates, to 'see' this. Some pictures are far more beautiful than others; in a quiet, spiritual way. How lovely! Thanks for sharing… I'll now go back and read the posts under each. ;)

    Heart Centered Psychic

    • Anonymous

      LOL, your to fun. I’m glad you liked the pics and I hope the post itself was equally enjoyable ;) LOL

      Mommy D

  • cmroch

    Very, very, very neat pics. (I especially like the “frames” you put them in. Awesome!) I love how you interspersed the descriptions between the pics. Your words are equally beautiful. Another great share!

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