Back in November, Dinell (aka Mommy D) announced:

As most of you know by now I am not able to keep up Weekly Spectre Website anymore. The business (Mommy D’s Kitchen) is growing quickly and taking up a lot of time, my kids are doing the same! I don’t feel I can give Weekly Spectre the attention that it deserves.

I will keep the site up until mid Dec. but I wont be posting regularly if at all.

Being a big fan of the Weekly Spectre and Dinell, I really didn’t want to see the Weekly Spectre just disappear. At the very least, I wanted to keep it on the web as an archive so all of the wonderful articles by Dinell and great guest posts would be around for years to come. In December, I contacted Dinell and offered to take over the hosting, administration, etc. for the Weekly Spectre. That is where we are at right now. The Weekly Spectre has a new home on my servers and will be sticking around.

Taking over the Weekly Spectre was a bit unexpected, but as I said, I couldn’t bare to see it just disappear. I have been hard at work on a several projects that were already planned before I knew I was taking on the Weekly Spectre. I have to complete a few of these projects before I can move forward with updating the Weekly Spectre. As a result, I am leaving it as is for the moment, but I hope to begin updating it soon.

So… What’s next for the Weekly Spectre?
The plan for the future is to keep the spirit (no pun intended) the same as Dinell intended when we move forward (although we will probably have to go in some new directions with it, being that I don’t live in a house with activity or have haunted dolls!) I already have some good ideas (and Dinell had shared a few great ones with me) and some really good people I am looking to get involved in this project. I also have some related projects that I hope to bring together with the Weekly Spectre so everyone can benefit from a larger community and readership. Within the next few months, I hope to have a few good paranormal community friends contributing posts and writing stories. I already have several great writers in mind.

I want to sincerely thank Dinell (Mommy D) for all the hard work she has put into the Weekly Spectre and for allowing me to let it live on. I also want to extend an open invitation to Dinell to stop by any time she wishes (and her schedule permits) to write a post or story for the Weekly Spectre. Mommy D will always be a part of the Weekly Spectre and is ALWAYS welcome home.

Last but certainly not least… Thank You to everyone who has stuck around or returned. Your patience is appreciated more than you know as we move forward from here on out! For the most up to date information about the Weekly Spectre (or to submit ideas), please go to our Facebook page located at

Paranormally Yours,

Steve Fernino
Administrator/Founder – The Paranormal Research Groups
Administrator/Editor – The Weekly Spectre

Weekly Spectre, No More

Posted by MommyD at 8:54 PM
Nov 202010

As most of you know by now I am note able to keep up Weekly Spectre Website anymore. The business ( Mommy D’s Kitchen) is growing quickly and taking up a lot of time, my kids are doing the same! I don’t feel I can give Weekly Spectre the attention that it deserves.

I will keep the site up until mid Dec. but I wont be posting regularly if at all. I am also not able to give my haunted doll collection the attention they need so I am selling them. If you are interested please let me know and we can work something out. Are they really haunted? I don’t know. We have activity in the home, but we had activity before we got the dolls. I was never able to do much investigating with them so they still need to be researched. Anyway, if you are interested or you know someone who is you can reach me thru the contact page.

I appreciate EVERYONE who helped me make Weekly Spectre what it was, I appreciate EVERYONE who encouraged me to make Weekly Spectre what it could be. I have made MANY great friends thru this site and I love each and every one of you. I am not leaving you. I will still be around to read your blogs, visit your FB pages, leave smart ass remarks, and email you inappropriate messages. Winking smile

For all of you who visited and read Weekly Spectre, thank you. I SOOOO enjoyed my time here and it’s all because of you. Maybe someday I will have the time to devote to this field again, and if/when I do I hope you will remember me! It may be a long time down the road, but if you see an 80 yr old granny hunting ghost and cussing out some little ghost hunter wannabe, you’ll know, Mommy D is back!

So, farewell, goodbye, goodnight, and thank you!

Mommy D


I have been asked a few times about why I don’t post about some of my experiences with investigations. While we did investigate some places that were public and rumored to be haunted, most of the investigations we did were for people in need at private residences or business. We never charged for our investigations but one of the things we did have to have was a signed “No Media, No Publicity, Confidentiality Agreement.” Why? Glad you asked!

When someone contacts you for an investigation there are one of three things going on.

Option 1: The person is having what they think are paranormal experiences and are in genuine need of being heard and helped.

Option 2: The person is a loon and you can tell on the phone that he is having some sort of mental breakdown. When they call you to investigate the leprechauns and fairies that keep stealing his bread and pooping in his refrigerator you can read between the lines! (This happens more often then you might think, those leprechauns and fairies are pests!)

Options 3: The person is looking to cash in on 15 minutes of fame with a haunted claim. This happens most often with businesses, (hotels/motels are notorious for this) but it does occasionally happen with private residence calls as well.

The “No Media, No Publicity, Confidentiality Agreement” helps in numerous ways. When someone in real need signs this agreement they are comforted in the fact that no one will ever know what is going on. They are often afraid of people finding out that they are experiences paranormal activity.

When someone refuses to sign this agreement you can be sure that they are up to no good and are looking to claim a haunting with false activity. When a client refuses to sign, it throws up a red flag and we decline to investigate.

The agreement helps to weed out the publicity hounds and comfort the people who we are really trying to help.

This agreement states that the client and the group will in no way disclose any information what-so-ever to anyone, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. This way if we need to consult an expert in a field we are not up to speed on we can have that option.

This is why I don’t talk about any of things we have investigated. I’m sure I could get around it by being vague and hiding details, but I prefer to keep to the spirit of the agreements signed.

If you are in a group and don’t currently use an agreement like this I would urge you to look into implementing one. Unless of course you are one of those who are looking for publicity. If you are a group who are looking for fame I would urge you to disclose this in some way to your clients. It would be awful for someone to be surprised by a story about their haunted house in the local newspaper!

Just Sayin!

Mommy D

Nov 052010

proton-packAs you know I believe my house to be home to more then just my family. I have had activity going on here for a while, then I go and buy 5  dolls that are reported to be haunted! So what’s my problem?

I can’t get any evidence! Okay, so I did get the door of the playhouse moving on the live ghost cam last month, but that’s all so far. Why is it so slow going? Well, ghost hunting (in reality) is a long process, but in my case it’s because I HAVE NO EQUIPMENT!

When I first began this I had a digital recorder for EVP sessions. I was ready to do some investigating with the dolls to try and find out if they really are haunted or not. (I still don’t know!) After only abt 5 EVP sessions my digital recorder croaked. Now All I have left is the web cam.

Why am I telling you all this? Cause I would like to ask your opinion on something. I have little to NO money to really invest in expensive equipment. I need only the most necessary and least expensive.

What, in your opinion, would you suggest is the most necessary equipment for my situation. (Active haunted house with history of voices being heard, objects being moved, shadows being seen, AND possible haunted objects.) Where would you go to get the best deals of said equipment?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and I appreciate all of you for visiting Weekly Spectre!

Oct 302010


I have come to realize in the past month that my children are different. Just like my mother noticed with me. My Grandmother on my fathers side was also “different”. I have a feeling that her mother was as well.

I’m an empath. Which mean I feel what others are feeling or have felt. I was afraid of going out into crowded or public places because it was so overwhelming. I eventually learned to dull it enough to be tolerable. I am also slightly psychic. I say slightly because I know things sometimes that I shouldn’t, but I can’t control it. It’s really annoying. I can also “hear” the dead. Not in the way you think, but I hear a tone. I can hear it with the living to. When someone approaches me I hear a high pitched tone. It gets louder as they get closer. This also happens with spirits. I had heard that there was a word for this, but I can’t recall what it was.

So, back to my kids. I have discovered that my daughter can see things that we can’t. She has, on two occasions now, waved, laughed and said hello to someone on the stairs. She is 19 months old. This doesn’t bother me at all, I just hope as she grows up I can help her to understand it.

My son who is 3 yrs old has gotten the empathic gift. When he was smaller he would cry whenever my daughter started crying. I thought this was just because he was scared. He still does this. In soccer class there was a little boy who was new to class and was crying because he was scared. My son, who has been going to this class for a long time, started acting scared and wanted to go home. Yesterday at the grocery store there was a little girl crying, he began to cry to. He was fine as soon as we got a couple isle away from her. These are just a few example of things that have happened with him. I hope I can teach him to dull it. It’s so uncomfortable to pick up so much at one time and not know if you are feeling something or if it’s someone else.

So I guess this post is really more for me. Just a way to admit and acknowledge what’s going on.

Mommy D

Well, as you know I have been having strange experiences around the house for a while. At first I was able to find logical explanations for most of the activity, but as time went on I wasn’t able to keep blowing it off. I use to do Paranormal Investigation, and want so badly to get back to it, but the kids come first. It seems the the universe has decided that if I can’t go to the spooks, the spooks will come to me!

As an experiment I recently bought 5 “Haunted” dolls. You can find more information about them here: Haunted Dolls

But the activity had been happening before I purchased them, so to attribute anything directly to the dolls would be difficult at best. At night I have been broadcasting a live video feed of my living room/dolls/stairs. At first the visual activity seemed to happen most often on the stairs, but after I put the cam up my tricky spooks became masters of stealth (if they weren’t before!) But the activity ALWAYS seemed to happen just outside of the camera view, upstairs where I can’t put a cam, or when the cam was off.

This has gone on for a LONG time now. Knowing that something was going on, but having no proof was torture! I now have a better understanding of how those people feel who I used to investigate for. I know I’m not crazy, but no one else does! ACK! Honestly, I only here the voices one in a while!

Anyway, sometimes when you least expect it, you get an amazing present. The night before my birthday, Oct. 15th, I was just picking up in the kitchen. We had bought some new spoons/forks for the kids and I was trying to get them out of the package without a blow torch or chainsaw. The pkg tore open and dumped onto the floor. When I bent down to pick them up, unnoticed by me, something happened.

Now before I get to the evidence, yes, this could be recreated with mechanics or string or something, but if you know me at all you know that nothing pisses me off more then frauds/fakes. Besides, I run my own business (three blogs, advertising, and custom Graphic design called Mommy D’s Kitchen), run Weekly Spectre, have two toddlers, a house, a husband, a dog, two cats and two ferrets to take care of. I don’t have time for rigging anything. Not to mention the patience.

I don’t blame those who will call foul. I would be critical to if it wasn’t mine.

Now that’s that’s out of the way:

Now Playing

Happy Birthday To Mommy D

Children and the Paranormal

Posted by MommyD at 8:00 AM
Oct 162010

This post is going to be FULL of my opinions. No facts or proof of any kind. Just my thoughts and experience with this subject. Read on if you don’t mind my rambling.

I had no idea what to write about this week. My mind was completely blank. Then something happened that I thought you might be interested in.

As you know I have been having strange experiences in my home. I set up the web cam to try and catch these things. It seems my spooks are aware of this and tend to only play their tricks when the camera is off or out of sight of it.

Today the stairs where once again the center of this activity. What happened was a new development all together.

My daughter, who is about 19 months, my son who is about 3 and a half, and I were all in the living room watching “Underdog”, my sons new favorite movie. My daughter was just sitting on the floor playing when she looked up at the stairs. It looked as if she was looking at something on the landing between floors. She stared up there for what seemed like a couple minutes. I would ask her what she was looking at but she didn’t respond or look away at all. She didn’t look scared at all, just curious. Then, out of this stupor, she waved at what or whom ever was there. She then said “Hi” in a very excited voice. After a few seconds of waving she turned around and continued to play as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

This has never happened before. My son, when he was around 2, he wouldn’t sleep in his room because of the “ghost in the corner”, but that went away on it’s own after a bit and he never mentioned it again.

According to my mother I did this quite often. I also managed to blurt out things about events or incidents before they happened. My mother was always afraid of my dream to. If i ever said, “I had a strange dream last night” she would say,”I don’t want to know”.

Are ALL children able to see the paranormal? I don’t know. I think just like adults there are those that are more sensitive to it then others. Maybe they can see and interact with the paranormal because they aren’t afraid of it. I believe the only time they would be afraid of a ghost is if they sensed something negative about it, or if they saw you being afraid. They learn how to fear from us “fearless” adult.

So maybe because children are not afraid the spirits feel drawn to them. Like I said, this post is full of opinions. ;)

What do you think?

Mommy D

Oct 092010

Since I have been writing Weekly Spectre I have come across many different characters. Some good, some, not so much!

I have come to realize that there are 3 basic groups of people in the Paranormal Community.

Group 1:

The Frauds, Fakes and outright Liars. This group is self explanatory.

Group 2:

The people/groups who are in it purely for selfish reason. Money, fame, whatever they may covet. You will find these people charging those who are in real need outrageous amounts of money for “investigation” services. You will also find that these same people shun or even bad mouth other groups because they see them as competition. These groups are full of arrogant know it alls who are close-minded and unwilling to hear anything that may contradict their view of things. You will find them posting pictures online of “paranormal” phenomena and when a natural explanation is presented they publicly attack the person personally and/or professionally.

This group is dangerous to the field of paranormal research. They bring far more negative attention to the field then a legitimate researcher is able to bring positive.

Group 3:

These people recognize that a paranormal community actually exists. They are the ones who go out of their way to help anyone who may be in need. They are in it for the knowledge, research, and experience. They recognize that being a positive part of a community of paranormal researchers is what will get us the most knowledge and scientific evidence.  These are also just genuinely nice and caring people.

I have experienced all of these groups in my short time doing Weekly Spectre. I won’t go into the first 2 groups, but I would like to pay tribute to those that I have come across in group 3.

I wanted to acknowledge their efforts so I made this award to let them know they are appreciated.


Courtney Mroch

Website: Haunt Jaunts

Facebook: Haunt Jaunts

Twitter: @HauntJaunts

Jason Stroming

Website: The Occult Section

Facebook: The Occult Section & New York Paranormal Society

Twitter: @OccultSection

Steve Fernino

Website: Paranormal Research Groups

Facebook: Steve Fernino Paranormal Investigator

Twitter: @ParanormalRG

Linda Moffit

Websites: Linda Moffitt & Appenzellar & Moffit

Facebook: Linda Moffitt & Appenzellar & Moffitt

Twitter: @LMHauntings & @CharleyandLinda

PISCA (Paranormal Investigation Society of Central Alabama)

Website: PISCA Online

FaceBook: PISCA, PISCA Online, & P.I.S.C.A. Girls

Twitter: @PISCAOnline

These are just a few of the wonderful people that have made an impression on me.

With many online awards there are rules that you HAVE to pass this on if you get it. No rules on this one. If you know someone who you think is deserving of this award please feel free to pass it on to one or more deserving people. Otherwise this is just a way for me to say thank you and thank you from the paranormal community!

Mommy D

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Paranormal Fiction: Short Story Contest for a chance to win a couple of amazing books!

Sep 302010

Welcome to October!

October 1st thru October 29tth

Paranormal Fiction: Short Story Contest


SUBMISSIONS CLOSED Winner will be announced on OCT 31st!

Here are the submissions. Be sure to read them and leave some comment love!

1. The Choice

2. Lost At Midnight

3. Home Again

4. Quasi Una Fantasia

5. Vacation

6. The Haunted House

7. Angelique

Do you fancy yourself a writer? Maybe a great story teller? Do you have an idea for a spooky story? As you know The Haunted Guest House is a blog for Weekly Spectre’s visitors to post their own entries about the paranormal. So to celebrate the Spooky Season I am having a short story contest. Someone also asked if they could do a poem and I think that would be a great idea. So a story OR poem!

The Rules:

Continue reading »

Welcome to Paranormal Photography 101 class! Back in the back, can you hear me okay back there? Good! Take a seat, and take notes because I am going to tell and show you the secret to taking pictures of ghosts successfully in every photo!

The first thing you need is a location. It doesn’t have to be “haunted” it could be any location you want. Preferably one that will need a flash so anything indoors. But outdoor will work to, especially at night.

The second thing you need is a camera. Not special type needed. Any camera with a flash will do. Preferably one with a little wrist strap on it.

That’s it. No special equipment or “haunted house” need. Simple huh?

Now on to the how!

I’m going to show you how you can not only get a ghost in every picture, but CHOSE the type of ghost that shows up! Let’s Begin!

Would you like to take a picture of a “Vortex”?


IMG_0646 IMG_0647

IMG_0648 IMG_0645

If you would like to get a picture of a “vortex” here’s what you need to do.

First you will need to chose the area that you will take a picture, next turn on your flash and point the camera in such a way that the camera strap hangs in front of the lens. Next snap the picture. Viola! Vortex!

How about “ORBS”?

To take a picture of orbs here’s what you need to do. First make sure the flash is on. Second get a dust rag and wipe your TV. Third, shake it in the air so dust fly’s off. Take a picture of the area and BAM! ORBS!

Okay, so by now you should have picked up on the smart ass factor here. LMAO.

This post was inspired by a nameless site I saw with tons of “paranormal” photo’s that where laughable at best. So I thought I would show you just how simple it is to fake or to accidently take pictures such as these.

Lets keep going!

Let’s see what happens when your hands and fingers get in or close to the lens while taking a picture.

IMG_0649 IMG_0650

These two are a combo of a finger and cat hair.

IMG_0651 IMG_0654

IMG_0655 These are my finger.

IMG_0656 This is what happens when your finger is barely above the lens.

Now lets look at hair. Some of these also have finger shadows.

IMG_0657 IMG_0660

IMG_0660 IMG_0661

IMG_0662 IMG_0665

IMG_0668 The hardest part about taking these pictures was trying to pull just one hair from my head! ;)

Finally lets look at cigarette smoke. In some of these you will need to click to see the large picture to see the “ghost”!

IMG_0679 IMG_0680

IMG_0681 IMG_0682

IMG_0683 IMG_0684

IMG_0685 IMG_0686


The last one is my favorite because you can see up in the top left corner that I have managed to photo a “DEMON”! Can you see the head with the horns? I can! Damn I’m good! ;)

In conclusion, please please please use your common sense when looking at photo’s claiming to be paranormal. What’s sad is that I could send these photo’s to a number of paranormal investigation groups and would get the response that I captured ghosts in these photo’s.

In fact, I didn’t watermark these photo’s because I’m curious to see how long it takes for people to grab them and try to pass them off as real. LOL

Mommy D

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